Everybody thinks of Mauritius as an island country, with beautiful beaches, but there is more than this to see and enjoy. It is a small country, but you would be surprised to see what place this place have. Whether you are interested to see historical places, want some adventure and tasty food, then this place is perfect for you to visit with your family and friends. For your ease Travel guide to Mauritius followed by Ibn Battuta footsteps are also available to facilitate you and to make your trip more exciting.

There are many reasons for the travel to Mauritius, you can do many different activities, that will make you feel happy, some are as follows:

The sport of water:

People are interested in exploring sea should visit this place. Indulge yourself in the water sports and fulfill your wish. This island offers you a chance of diving. When you dive in, you entered the world of colorful marine life and bright corals. The people who are not certified diver can get their certification here. Some sites are only available for the advanced divers. It offers people who want to navigate the sea. You can also hire a traditional boat for the romantic date. In this way, you can make a date memorable. Travel guide to Mauritius is always there for your help.

Sea Dolphin:

Travel guide to Mauritius takes you to a place where you can see dolphins near to you. This is the best activity to do here. Mauritius is a popular place for a journey of dolphin. Before the sunrise, early morning you are taken to the sea, where you can spot the dolphin and had a swim with these creatures. Some beaches are recommended for this activity.Mauritius

Visit the chamarel:

In the Mauritius, chamarel is a village and most visited place by the tourists. This place is famous because here you will see sand having different colors. That makes this place unique and attract many people to visit it. By climbing up the observation desk, you can see the hue of colors. Many Tourists take this sand with them to their homes.

Island Ile Aux Aigrettes:

It was declared as a natural reserve, a hidden island made of coral limestone and has been barren of human presence for a long time. Here you can find alluring and different species of the fauna and flora of the tortoise. At this place, you can also see pink pigeons.

Port Louis:

It is the capital and full of entertainment. This is the place good for those who loves to shop. You will find here many beautiful malls. In this area, you can enjoy food at high-end restaurants.

Dholl puri food:

You should try dholl puri, it is the national food of Mauritians. It is flat bread stuffed with the peas, served with the chili paste. If asked for food recommendations by a Travel guide to Mauritius, they always prefer this traditional dish over the others.

These are the reasons why you should plan your trip to Mauritius. Traveling here will give good experience.