Social media is one of the most popular things that people use to connect with other people around the world in this day and age. People, young and old, use social media all over the world just to communicate with one another. Some people also use social media to keep up to date with current events that are going on around the world.
There are nine main social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Linkedin, all of which have a bunch of users. Facebook has about two billion users, Twitter has about one hundred and thirty million users, Instagram has about seven hundred million users, Snapchat has about one hundred and sixty million users, Tumblr has about fifty million users, YouTube has about one billion users, Pinterest has about seventy million users, Google Plus has about one hundred and eleven million users, and Linkedin has about four hundred and fifty million users. The statistics say that by 2020 the world will have about 2.95 billion people in the world that use social media. With these numbers advertising for one piece of merchandise could be seen all over the world by millions in just a few hours. These numbers don’t include the other, smaller, social media websites that are out there. Granted, a lot of the people that are on social media have at least two of these apps, most have all four.
For the most part people between the ages of  15 and 45 use social media, obviously the age group does go beyond that it is just that the majority of people on social media are in that age range. Obviously, with there being such a wide range in age there are lots of different targets for advertising companies to target. Just like with TV commercials there is actually a lot of strategy as to how, and when, they advertise things. With TV commercials advertisers, for the most part, put certain commercials on at certain times of the day to target certain age groups because , for the most part, those certain age groups watch TV at the same general time of the day every day. For instance, older people are more likely to watch TV during the day, while younger people are more likely to watch TV later in the day after they get home from work. Obviously, advertisers can’t do the same thing when it comes to social media, but there is still some sort of strategy they have to target different people.
One way that advertising companies could target certain age groups would be by which social media website they post their advertisements on. For instance, for the most part younger people, like teenagers and young adults, tend to spend more time on social media websites like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube while people that are a little older tend to spend more time on social media websites like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Linkedin. Now, I am not saying that younger people don’t go to the older people social media websites or that older people don’t go on younger people social media websites I am just saying that in general those certain age groups tend to go to those certain websites more often than the other ones.
Another way advertising companies can target certain people is looking at what kind of social media website it is and setting up their advertisements so that people who are interested in the kind of things that a website does will see advertisements that kind of go along with what the website does. For instance, Youtube is a way that you can listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, or even post your own videos if you want so an advertising company may want to show commercials about new movies, TV shows, or music that is coming out soon. Pinterest is another good example. A lot of people who go on Pinterest go on it to post or look for cool craft ideas or things like that so an advertising company may want to advertise things about crafts and cool designs on Pinterest.
With the huge amount of people that are on social media all over the world advertisers can pretty much guarantee that their product will be seen by thousands, if not millions, in one day just by advertising their product on social media. After someone sees their product and likes some will most likely tell their friends about it and how cool they thought it would be to have one. Sometimes a product will become really popular to have and then everyone will be talking about it and everyone will want to have one so they can be just like all the other cool kids. In today’s day and age if something is really popular most kids feel the need to buy it just because they want to have everything cool that everyone else has. Even if something becomes popular and a must have among only teenagers that product will still become successful because there are about two and a half teenagers in the world.
Social media is also good for personal marketing. For instance, if you are trying to raise money for a cause of some sort posting stuff on social media is a great idea. I have personally been a part of multiple fundraisers that have been posted on social media and not only did they get all over the internet fast, but they also helped to raise a lot of money in a timely fashion. Not only do these fundraisers help to raise money for a good cause they also help to raise awareness for the cause.
My thoughts on social media marketing is that it is very effective both for businesses and personal. It is a good way to get something seen by a lot of people in a fairly short period of time. Social media marketing is just another good way for companies to try to sell their new product.
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