Twitter is a famous social media in terms of popularity, the number of users and members. With this huge number, there are numerous facts which can be found on this network. These days the number of tweets per day has increased to 500 million. With this message of 140 characters, there are multiple stories told every day. The number of active users on this platform is much more than the other social media networking sites. Some of the other interesting facts about Twitter are as follows.

Financial facts about Twitter

The revenue of twitter increases with such a huge difference that you can observe the great difference in even quarters instead of yearly basis. According to the statistics, the increase in the profit is about 61% in a single year. Instead of this, the advertisement revenue is observed the boost of 6% per annum. The mobile advertisements which are presented on this network make up the 8% of the total advertising revenue. The ads which are displayed on this network have high user engagement level which is up to 91%. The current value of this network according to last year final statistics is $16 Billion.

Demographic facts about twitter

Among the overall internet users, the 24% of male users are present on this network while in females only 21% use this network. If we see the overseas market, then the large portion of twitter users are outside the US market. Almost 79% of the twitter accounts belong to the foreigners. In the USA the number of twitter accounts used is even more than 67 Million. However, in the UK there are more than 13Million twitter users. The maximum number of twitter account users is between the age group of 18 years and 29 years. If we talk about the income then almost 54% of twitter users have income level more than $50,000. Not only this, but people buy cheap twitter followers to make catchy profiles. Also, the countries outside of USA where the number of twitter users is large include Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.

Fun Facts about twitter

The most interesting thing about twitter is that the number of users which can be handled by this network is 18 quintillion. The network is also very fast in the changing technology advancements and the number of GIFs in the year end of 2015 was even more than 100 million. The highest number of users of the internet which are active in twitter is present in Saudi Arabia. The UN has the presence of twitter in 83% countries. As well as the revenue in terms of per employee basis is $488,913.

These were some of the interesting facts and statistics about twitter and its users. People really appreciate this network and it is the platform of sharing a huge share of information in this global world. Even in the events, the use of twitter is observed to be very common. People share their experiences and connect with other people by online engagement. However, the TV series also do marketing by using Twitter for their marketing campaign.