Ok so here is a million dollar question. What side is your appendix on and how to treat it?

My child has numerous food allergies including milk, eggs, and fish.

These are the main ones, but we also notice some reactions to foods like soy, nuts sometimes even beef and chicken.

The blood test showed positive to everything and the reason for it is clear – body is so inflamed that it indicates the reaction to practically everything. Now, what should I feed my child?

After visiting many allergists, dermatologists, etc. we learned about two totally opposite approaches to this situation.

#1  Keep the child away from everything, I mean everything . Let your child just have rice and a rice drink. Or even better, just start him with pure anti-allergy formula (like Neocate ) and then little by little add more foods. Just one new food once every couple of weeks and see the reaction. This way you will be sure what’s your child allergic to and what’s not.

#2  Give your child everything to eat . Let him react here or there, let him get a  bit red a bit itchy. As long as he is not having a severe reaction. So let’s say you know your child is highly allergic to milk and fish then just keep him away from milk and fish but give him chicken, beef, potatoes, soy, etc. even if he will get some redness or itching.

Now let’s analyze #1 vs. #2 . in #1 you guarantee no allergic reaction, but it’s a very slow progress. Meanwhile, your child is suffering without any nutrition’s and vitamins. #2 he does get all the nutrition’s, but he consistently gets minor allergic reactions. What is more important? Is it more important for children grows to have more nutrition’s or is it more important to keep a 100% clear from any possible allergies?

And here is another million dollar question on healthandcaretips.com/.  Is it better to eat mildly allergic foods and this way the immune system will get used to it, or eating even mildly allergic foods will only trigger the allergies to get much worse?

Is it better to stay 100 % clear from any possible food allergies ( this way the immune system will get stronger) or may be, not letting your immune system deal with allergies will only make one more sensitive to allergies?