Approximately 400 BtoB meetings took place in Casablanca on Aril 20, 2017 with the objective of bringing together different companies coming from various sectors and strengthening trade between the Morocco and India which still needs to be improved. What the event participated by Moroccan and Indian companies is part of the first edition of the Morocco-India Business Forum organized by Maroc Export. According to Morocco export, this event reflects the continuity of the achievement of the Moroccan participation in the third edition of the India-Africa Forum Summit which was organized in October 2015 in New Delhi. The goal is to reinforce transactions with India, which is still low.

In reality, the value of the recorded trading between the two countries does not exceed $1.5 billion, with a significant share of Moroccan exports of phosphates and derivatives. The general manager of Morocco export explained that they intend to develop a win-win collaboration based on the complementaries between Moroccan companies and their Indian counterparts. Furthermore, the cooperation will give emphasis to the sector of building and construction materials, automotive, civil engineering, electrical, mechanical and metallurgical industries, electronics, renewable energies, railway, ICT, and Water and sanitation. The forum was attended by a large delegation, with almost 200 companies including major Indian companies such as Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd, Tata Motors, Micromax, Mahindra & Mahindra, Suzlon, etc.


Affairs between Morocco and India have been profoundly strengthened since the visits by King Mohammed VI in 2001 and 2015. Some agreements on bilateral cooperation in the political, economic and cultural fields have been signed between the two countries. A new effort has been created to support the economic relations due to the increase of industrial seminars and interactions between the main contractors and commercial operators of the two countries.

This is backed by by the involvement of a large commission of nearly 50 Moroccan businesses at the industrial assemblies planned under the scope of the third talks of the India-Africa Forum, as well as the outstanding attendance of the Kingdom of Morocco as a partner country in the International Trade Fair “SVUM 2016” held in Rajkot-Gujarat, in February 2016. In addition to the BtoB meetings, the forum will also include visits to companies and industrial sites for the benefit of the Indian delegation on 21 April. The companies listed in the site visit are Masen, OCP, Tangier Automotive City, and so on.

On the side note, India, which is set to become one of the world’s top four economies in the next 20 years, proposes several trades and business opportunities. The country has a stable political framework, a highly established administration, autonomous judicial system and a growing economy due to its robust banking structure. The state is targeting double-digit growth rates over the next decade. Moreover, it has an ample, fledging, energetic and experienced workforce. Around 70% of the 1.2 billion population is under the age of 25 and is enrolled in school. India is also characterized by high internal consumption equivalent to about 60% of its GDP. The middle class has about 300 million consumers and is expected to account for 41% of the population by 2025, or about 600 million people.